South Carolina Aviation Education Alliance

The South Carolina Aviation Education Alliance (SCAEA) is an informal organization of learning institutions and clubs in South Carolina that offer courses in aviation/aerospace or after-school aviation/aerospace-related programs.

The Alliance aims to grow aerospace programs in South Carolina by attracting students to our programs, engaging students in learning authentic skills, and providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills. There are no fees or commitments to be part of the Alliance.

Flight Simulation

Flight simulators provide an immersive application of learning.

AviCom: Where Learning Takes Flight with Aviators

Explore how the Alliance of Aviators, driven by classroom success, leverages the power of competition to accelerate learning in the world of eSports for aviators(TM). AviCom allows students to showcase their knowledge to airline academies, aeronautical universities, and flight schools. Join the Alliance and take part in this innovative aviation revolution!

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